About Us

Wimberley Fire Rescue (WFR) had humble beginnings after a devastating fire in November of 1951 that burned the local schoolhouse to the ground.

This caused the community to realize the need for a fire organization to be trained and ever ready, with fully maintained equipment. WFR officially organized in January 1953 with 24 active members and became recognized in 1957 by the state of Texas as a non-profit organization.  

Growth came slowly, but steadily, to the organization over the next 20 years thanks to donations of time, land, equipment and money from local citizens. As the population of Wimberley Valley grew the need for a consistent source of revenue was recognized. In response to this need Wimberley Rural Fire Prevention District was formed in 1983; later to become Hays County Emergency Services District (ESD) #4.  

The ESD has always maintained a tax rate that is sufficient for fire department needs but does not place a burden on the citizens of the community. WFR strives to not only serve the local community but has reached out to other communities across the country.  Members of WFR have responded to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Hurricane’s Katrina and Ike and numerous other events. Throughout the 60 years of WFR we have seen numerous floods.  But none equaled the devastation faced during the Memorial Floods of 2015, followed six months later by the All Hallows Eve Flood.  

As Wimberley Fire & Rescue continues to grow and evolve, we will carry on the finest traditions of the Fire Service; respecting the past, responding to the present, and implementing new concepts with the future and safety of Wimberley Valley’s citizens always in mind.